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Special Achievement Award for Judith Healey

I am so pleased and thrilled for Judith as she is an amazing lady to work with, putting her heart and soul into helping if she can – even through times of illness. She is always looking forward to the next thing and how we can make Point-to-Pointing better.

I wish I could remember all that she has achieved as she had done so much, but the year when the Harkaway lost its meeting in March stands out as just one example of Judith going above and beyond the call of duty.

We’d successfully applied for another meeting that ran just a week after the Albrighton Woodland one in June. At that time we took our own entries, which resulted in a mountain of work to do in a very short space of time.

Late into the evening Judith came to me and offered to take the box of entries home to process as there were quite a few in it. She duly worked through the night processing 90 entries and typing them out for the race card – it was all finished by 7:30am the next morning ready for the printer to collect at 11am. She did vow at the time though “Never again!!!”.

Incidentally the horse that won the maiden that evening at 9pm also won the maiden the next week, as conditions said maidens at closing not starting and entries had closed at 8pm. That caused a bit of a stir at the time!

Judith was also very instrumental in the preparations and running of the Anglo Irish meeting at Chaddesley. She secured the bulk of the sponsors, visiting people and race meetings to promote and secure sponsorship for the meeting. In fact, Judith always works in a most businesslike way!

Not content with contributing so much to the organisation and management of pointing events, Judith and her family have also run pointers for a considerable time – having them with Penny Grainger, Mike Stephenson, Diana Williams and lately Phil Rowley.

Judith greatly deserves her Special Achievement Award and I warmly congratulate her.

Jen Hancox
Chairman – Harkaway Club


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